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Dynamic architecture.

Designed by NEON, the Shiver House is a radical reinvention of the common Finnish Hut. The project is a kinetic "animal-like" structure which moves and adapts in response to surrounding natural forces. Shiver House is an exploration into the idea that architecture can be used as a means to create a closer emotional link between its inhabitants and the natural world it sits within. In addition, the project explores the idea that architecture can be made to seem "alive" with the intention that this will engender a deeper and longer-lasting emotional relationship between people and the structures they inhabit.

Conceptually, the piece thus suggests that architecture, rather than static and function-led, can be a poetic, living, and dynamic element that changes the way we relate to the landscape that surrounds us. #shiverhouse #hut #project #naturalforces #idea #create #naturalworld #architecture #dymamic #structures #design #inhabit #living #dynamicelement

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