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03 Conservation

Heritage Conservation of Temples in India

Conservation of heritage structures is an interdisciplinary effort, wherein traditional knowledge on building materials, techniques and specifications are brought to the realm of current practitioners of conservation engineering, with the intent of merging them with modern tools and practices. Internationally, it is established practice that structural safety cannot be compromised in any conservation effort. Formal systems that recognise conservation of heritage structures as an interdisciplinary engineering effort, with structural safety as a critical determinant, do not exist in India. With one of the largest stocks of heritage structures in the world, lack of adequate quality and quantity of manpower is a serious bottleneck in India in addressing the task of understanding and protecting heritage structures from natural hazards, ageing and weathering effects. More importantly, in a country with strong spiritual roots, the approach to conservation of built heritage has to explore the basis of the ancient building system, the centrality of the spirit in the building activity and the philosophy of non-permanence of the material.

Our team has extensive knowledge of conventional execution methodology and carry out detailed due diligence report before planning conservation for Heritage sites with the State Government bodies or societies or non profit entity such as INTACH



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